A baby blog is born!

Yesterday at the close of Technology & Learning’s TechForum in Chicago, when a new friend, & blogger at smeech.net, asked me “Wendy, do you blog?” I had to smile. I had been going back and forth, to blog or not to blog, for quite a while. I knew what I wanted to name the blog and even had some ideas of what I would like to write about, but had not taken the plunge. Well, this quiet Saturday morning finds me alone in the house with my laptop – a dangerous prospect sometimes as this just proves. Anyway, I claim rookie status on blog writing, I have a lot to learn (how to tag a blog entry, when to and not to link to things, and that is just what I know I don’t know), and I think I’ll stick to a basic theme for now. Regardless, while I am sure I will make some mistakes, getting started is exciting.

Welcome and thank you in advance to anyone who believes that technology has an integral place in the education of our students today – I look forward to many conversations.

I know I have read in several places that something like 1.4 blogs are born/minute and the majority of them are in Japanese. This one isn’t in Japanese but it is born. With a bit of uncertainty mixed with excitement over the possibilities, I claim this minute and look forward to a great adventure.

ps Thank you Smeech, for asking the question, I think…

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