Well done, ToonDoo, well done.

So at least three of my seniors were honored as Editor’s Picks in ToonDoo and each time, I was concerned about the comments left by “the public” when they published their cartoons. Well, earlier this month, ToonDoo announced a new option for publishing toons, the opportunity to keep them “private” and share just with a select group of people. I look forward to trying this new option with my students and as they can then have the option of opening their cartoons to potentially crass comments from “the public” or keeping their cartoons private and only sharing them with our selected audiences. Especially as they are still students, I definitely appreciate the options.

One thought on “Well done, ToonDoo, well done.”

  1. Thanks a lot for liking ToonDoo, and the new developments there.

    We continue to strive to make it a better suited tool in every way, for children and school environments, while keeping it interesting enough for the public at large (for the mark of a true web 2.0 application is the number of people who use it in ways that the creators themselves didn’t expect it to be used in.

    It has indeed been a thin and risky line to walk.

    Do stay with us for further updates, and give us your advice on how better to make it all work for all concerned.


    ToonDude from http://www.jambav.com

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