When I started this blog, I had no idea what was in store for me and my time. I thought it would be an interesting journey to write once in a while about technology and the classroom. While I still believe this is the case, I have found myself not writing much in the blog because right around the 10th or July, I started a writing project for a publishing company in St Paul. That project had very intense deadlines and I was writing furiously thorough July and into August. Then, school started, I thought “Oh, I’ll have time to write now” and the publisher asked me to write some flash tutorials for a US Government textbook they are rolling out this winter. Of course I said, “Sure” and more intense (but very fun) time was allocated to the project. On top of those were presentations for the K12 Online Conference (an outstanding conference, I highly recommend checking it out) and the MEMO Fall Conference. Oh, and did I mention life in general?

Blog title, “No time to sleep.” And again, when presenting at MEMO in Brainard, MN, another audience member asked, “Do you sleep?” Perhaps I should rename the blog to, “Little Time to Blog.” I look forward to adding more comments throughout the school year about how technology is going in our school and I am working on having a stronger presence here at “No time to sleep”


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