Normally the “Five” Would Be Here…

But we don’t have school this Friday so I’m taking a little break, but not a total break and the Friday Five will return next week.

Earlier this week, I was catching up on my blog reading this week and found these two videos, the video on PowerPoint was highlighted by Wes Fryer on his blog, Moving at the Speed of Creativity and unfortunately, I cannot remember exactly who posted the global education video. The PowerPoint video is funny – the other, a preview for “Two Million Minutes,” is a bit scary, but both offer something to think about and I thought they were worth sharing (and together they take just over 5 minutes). I really need to see the “Two Million Minutes” documentary – fascinating issues to discuss!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Normally the “Five” Would Be Here…”

  1. I’ve watched the entire 2 million minutes video, and need to post my review. I do not recommend the film. In the same spirit as “Nation at Risk,” the intentions may be good but the message is flawed. The video suggests we need to simply become more like the Chinese and Indian schools, where students attend school more days each year and work harder at their traditional studies. I do admire the desire on the part of many Chinese and Indian students to care for their families, but I disagree with the premise that we simply need to do more of the same, harder. Our roadmap for school reform needs to be much more than that. Our state school superintendent is trying to implement that recommendation precisely in our state, simply mandate more days in school for everyone, and the proposal is going over like a lead balloon.

  2. Wes –
    Thank you for your film review – I won’t rush to see the video! Our state legislature is also addressing the issue of time, specifically to extend the school day thinking that a few years ago they looked to extend the year and the resort community, state fair, and other groups strongly opposed it for a variety of reasons. Now, the thought behind the “longer days” proposal is the teachers are already there so the cost increase would be marginal but more time would be spent in school. I agree with you that we cannot merely do more of the same as the same is getting us farther and farther behind.

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