Friday Morning at TechForum…

When I was in college I went to East Berlin twice, the first time when it was still East Berlin, the second after the city had merged with West Berlin and both were again Berlin. On that second visit, the streets had familiarity but the Berlin Wall was gone (save the sections almost guarded like a museum), and while the buildings that once housed the East German government looked similar they were closed – their “lives” changed.  I enjoyed recognizing where I was – remembering the stories of the buildings and city and honoring those changes, that second visit was equally powerful as the first in a different way. a powerful visit.

I felt the same type of feeling as I looked around the morning networking and breakfast time at today’s TechForum. This is my second time in Chicago for this wonderful conference.  Faces looked similar and echoes of last year were all around me – I enjoyed hearing in person (not just reading on blogs) what has changed for my new professional friends/network in the past year and look forward to continuing those conversations throughout the day. It has also been fun to personally meet more people who are overtly passionate about technology and education.

This year Tech & Learning is streaming many of their events, will put online many of the sessions we attend, and the handouts and slides are available online also – a valuable resource and if you have some time today, I invite you to poke around on the TechLearning site for this conference and pop in on a session or two (or more) – and you don’t have the hour drive from Midway to the hotel! 🙂


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