The “Five” Live from Chicago…

So it is Friday (or will be very soon). I am writing from Chicago on the eve of the Midwest TechForum – a one-day conference showcasing many ideas and issues in education and technology. I look forward to learning more about Google Earth tomorrow – a program I play with and think “This is really cool, I could…” and then I get busy. I just shared Google Lit Trips with Kristen as her class is going to read The Kite Runner and Google Lit Trips just added a piece about that book. Night is another book that TG usually incorporates into its English curriculum and there is a Lit Trip for Night too. There is an 8 minute overview of Google Lit Trips on TeacherTube which, if you are interested, I encourage you to check out (of course, if you don’t want to watch all of it because it would be more than five minutes, I understand 😉

I hope you have a great weekend. Next week I will showcase a “how to” for students to save trees, glue and glitter as they make online posters. Happy Friday!

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