Summer Technology Symposium Preview

I am so excited about the opportunity our staff has this summer – to spend four mornings learning more about PowerPoint’s capabilities, Web 2.0 tools, podcasting, movie making, games, and more!  Today’s Friday Five invites you to take five minutes to check out some student projects that showcase some of the things we will be learning about this summer.

1. Working with podcasts and making movies.  For this assignment, students (seniors) took one of President Bush’s Saturday Morning Radio Addresses and turned it into a movie. For many of them, it was their first experience making a movie. A works cited list was submitted as part of the assignment. Two of the students submitted their work to YouTube, one of them is linked here.

2.  Use cartooning and music videos to tell stories, teach about Supreme Court cases, whatever you want them to.  Here you will find examples of cartoons and music videos designed to teach about Landmark Supreme Court cases – students created them then posted them to the class wiki to showcase their work.
(The music videos play when you click the play button on the green screen.)

3. An example of a digital flowchart – while this was for the Crusades, the possibilities are endless.

And we will do so much more! It will be an exciting week.

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