Now speaking…

James Surowiecki speaking – my thoughts flowing (I’ve never tried to write like this before)

Now stepping to the podium – Francis Galton and the ox – collective group wisdom, the crowd’s judgment wisdom can be remarkably intelligent. If one can find a way to tap into that collective intelligence, the power is amazing.

So now, the keynote is streaming on ustream emanating from – I am constantly amazed at what is commonplace and what so many have never even heard of. And at least one person is watching the stream from Korea – it is amazing.

Web 2.0 tools that allow us to construct the net of social knowledge and power – wiki, flickr, the power of Google, collaboration, rise to the level of the most intelligent, not least, in a crowd. What does it take to make a group smart?

Why are people so fearful of being intelligent? Get your hands dirty and think about things, truly ruminate about them, and then move forward? Move forward to the best, the highest point possible? Why is being the best in technology so scary for some schools? Do the five-year plans really work? Are things moving so quickly the five year plan is moot? Or is it imperative? The things I do in my classroom didn’t exist five years ago…’

Diversity of experience – avoid groups that are the same –

First Monday was not the best television show but it had a great quote: “Only a fool wants to hear the echo of his own voice.” How else would people grow? Makes sense.

Ok, I’m going to listen a little more, I hope the ustream is good for everyone watching, it seems to be going well, all the way to Korea which may as well be in the next room now, I guess.  Amazing. Enjoy your evening!

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