K12 Online Conference begins!

I have been looking forward to the K12 Online Conference since this summer. I started with the Keynote for the “Getting Started” strand and found the Flip Video cameras especially interesting. Sometimes I feel like I have a good grip on what’s out there, and then there is time to share, connect, and learn more. It is almost overwhelming.

Jennifer Kraft’s presentation on “Free Tools for Universal Design for Learning in Literacy” not only introduced me to the tools she highlighted (I’m especially interested in the speech to text tools addressed as the Mac version of Dragon Speak did not meet our school’s needs). Jennifer’s presentation is filled with text/audio tools, graphic organizers, note-taking tools, it is well worth the 16 minutes!

Now on to the next presentation!

ps – if you were looking for the Friday Five last week, we were out of school – the “Five” will return this week!

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