Jeopardy…online and free

JeopardyLabsSpending hours on the couch with a stiff neck can have its rewards too, I guess. In the process of a variety of searches, I found JeopardyLabs, an impressive game template for a trivia game that can be played online, has a way to be saved on a flash drive and played without an internet connection, and allows game authors to use basic HTML to incorporate images into their JeopardyLabs games as well.

The template was easy to manipulate (I haven’t tried the HTML features yet) and the final product works well (see example here). Students and teachers alike could create JeopardyLabs games, they would be perfect for interactive whiteboards, and are easily embeddable into wikis or web pages.

JeopardyLabs is a super alternative to (and easier than) PowerPoint. Thank you Matt Johnson of Washington State University, Vancouver for creating a great tool for the classroom.

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