Amsterdam: Seven Hours turns into Eight

The original plan was for seven hours on the ground in Amsterdam which was stretched into eight as we had an amazing tail wind. After securing a locker for our luggage, it was a breeze through customs, followed by a train ticket purchase and subsequent ride into Amsterdam City Center. We had a great walk around the city, saw a zillion bulbs and other plans for sale (some I am quite sure would never clear US customs), and enjoyed a delightful lunch which also allowed us to duck out of the most substantial of the rain showers.

The walk would not have been complete without a stop at Anne Frank’s house. We did not have the chance to go through the tour, however, as we learned when attempting to purchase tickets, we were informed that they had been sold out for quite some time – just one example of how the internet changes things. (In 1992, my friends and I simply walked up to the door, purchased tickets, and went through the tour. This time the tickets which were sold out more than a month in advance were accompanied by the long line stretching down the street.

If you are addressing Amsterdam or Anne Frank in your curriculum (or perhaps find it interesting on your own), the following links are:

The Anne Frank House – The Official Website – has a history of Anne, images and video relating to Anne and her family, numerous lesson ideas and applications, and information about the museum itself.

A virtual tour of Amsterdam with a focus on Anne Frank-related places (this is not an officially endorsed site).

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