The Enjoyable Yet Neverending Dinner

In a great setting with beautiful decorations and live music from the balcony, we dined with the four of the directors organizing the conference salad, vegetables, eggplant-wrapped tomato, followed by Five Fingers and a dough-wrapped meat dish Mante followed by kabobs, interspersed with bread and water. Our hosts would add more food onto our plates (even “choot-choot,” just a little) didn’t work!
Piotr asked our hosts to avoid the vodka and wine or we might still be there toasting everyone. Apparently Kazaks have a talent for extensive toasts, up to 30 minutes for one person. That and the Vodka is before the meal, during the meal and after the meal, so we would have been there until midnight and the effectiveness of the presenters might have been a bit compromised.

Almaty Dinner

Tip: avoid the marble-sized ball of dried cheese made from sour milk.

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