SimCity Meets Disasters

Thinking about city planning in the older versions of SimCity was fun (I admit, I haven’t played the newer more complex SimCity games) but the “Stop Disasterssimulation from the UN’s ISDR (International Strategy for Disaster Relief) has the “player” select one of five scenarios: earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, flood or wild fire (each also has 3 levels of difficulty) and then plan and construct a safer environment for the area’s population. Throughout the simulation, tasks are given like build a hospital or a school while making the environment as safe as possible in the face of impending disaster. Throughout the task, advice (both good and bad) is given and decisions (which are scored) are made.

Great for geography, in conjunction with current events, possibly world cultures, or international affairs, this simulation is educational, fun, and raises awareness of the effects of natural disasters on a population.

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