Good resources from Scholastic

Scholastic is producing some impressive and free resources for many subjects and all grade levels (though the emphasis is K-8). What first caught my eye this week were the 27 interactive whiteboard activities for Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math with some additional “Learning Games and Teaching Tools.” From touring the Mayflower and learning about the first Thanksgiving and travelling the Underground Railroad, to creating a Character Scrapbook and more, the activities would be good with an interactive whiteboard but could also be used individually by students.

After a little more digging around Scholastic’s site, I found Make Your Case, which takes the user through the process of a court case in the role of an attorney. Fun for a courtroom-related unit, Mock Trial supplement or prep, etc.

Scholastic also has many lesson plans “browseable” by subject and grade level and ideas for thematic lesson plans throughout the year as well as many tips for teachers, learning tips for students, and other literacy-related resources. I was impressed that the company had such a broad range of material for more than merely elementary students.

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