BigHugeLabs & Education

Have you used BigHugeLabs?  A fun site which has fun templates to do many things with digital photos. Creating jigsaw puzzles magazine covers, movie posters, motivational posters (basically personalized Successories, and more. Yes, one option once these things are created is to purchase a copy, but I just learned that there is an option for educators to set up a free account which allows them to:

  • Use the site advertising-free.
  • Generate ready-to-print ID cards for your students
  • Pre-register students so they can sign in without an email address.

and, most exciting:

  • View and download content created by your students.

Check out BigHugeLabs’ Education account – perhaps there will be a fun tool to integrate into the curriculum for the last month or so of school (but who’s watching the calendar, right?) 🙂

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