The annual pilgrimage to TechForum, IL

Each spring for the past number of years I have travelled to Illinois for the annual TechLearning conference. (The first one I went to was in SanDiego – it was beautiful there, though the Eaglewood Resort is nice also.)

Today looks like it will be the keynote by Max Megee, the President of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® (IMSA). He is going to discuss what leaders at all levels can and must do to assure colleagues and communities have the necessary resources to provide students with the knowledge, skills and disposition needed to compete and collaborate in their professional lives.

After the keynote, the plan is:  Google Apps and Other Ventures in the Cloud,” the always before lunch industry spotlight session, leading a roundtable on Google Apps & Wikis in the classroom, and then not sure what.  Blog posts for each will appear throughout the day.  Happy Friday! 🙂

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