Have you ever taken a year off?

This has been an interesting year. Life has been filled with so many things, work, family, friends, new jobs, contacts, contracts, that the blogging thing really took a back seat. I feel a connection with Dan at “A History Teacher” that many things have changed in the past year. While I very casually wrote on this blog through the last school year, I also casually dropped in on the blogs I love, but I did so via searching with Google or just knowing the URLs. Today I finally “caught up” on over (I will sheepishly admit) 8000+ blog posts in my RSS feeds.  Many things have changed on those blogs in the last year too. The last time I was actively reading blogs, it was becoming a trend to have a blog post show most recent posts to delicious. Now I see people posting their Tweets as their blog posts.

So I recommit to blogging, and reading. I spiffed up my home page of the blog some fun widgets and a badge for the K12 Online Conference (love it!), a calendar, a widget showing my delicious posts (if people visit the blog and not just see it through RSS), and a couple of other things, and tomorrow I am going to reset/update the blog roll (one of my Saint Mary’s learners said blog rolls are becoming “old-fashioned” but I appreciate them so I’m going to keep mine a while), clean up my RSS feed, and begin anew.  I hope this blog helps bring useful tools to classrooms and thoughts to the discussion.

Have a great night – here’s to a restart on the adventure.

One thought on “Have you ever taken a year off?”

  1. Woo hoo – let’s hear it for ongoing, shared adventures!

    Thanks for including the k12online10 logo too- I hope you will submit a proposal to present this year as well as participate in the conference! 🙂

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