Getting Ready for TIES

So one of the projects I worked on this summer was for TIES, to connect ten web resources to each substandard in the US Government and World History strands of the Minnesota Social Studies Academic Standards. It was an interesting project. The nearly completed “Minnesota Learning Loop” will be unveiled Monday at the TIES Annual Conference and at 10:30, I will be giving a tour of the Learning Loop to anyone who is interested (I think I remember hearing the room can seat 75 people, we’ll see what happens!). I decided that a PowerPoint/Keynote presentation really isn’t the right thing to accompany this presentation so I thought about Prezi and Glogster. I made a Glog as the backdrop, we’ll see if I dig more into Prezi and shift to that…  If you’re interested, you are certainly invited to explore the Glog, I think it is the first official Glog I have created.

One thought on “Getting Ready for TIES”

  1. I wish I could be there as you unveil this project. What you’ve shared with me as well as here is very, very impressive.

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