On the Twitter x4 Session

Yes, it is called “Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter” and I am here.  My buddy Ben would be so proud. The concepts are bulleted below:

  • Here is Twitter
  • How to use the #
  • How to direct Tweets @whomever
  • Searching Twitter (learning point: if all from the same IP, you can get “rate limited” of Twitter’s search! :O)
  • Using Twitter as a backchannel
  • Finding people (Find on Twitter by name or subject)

Ways Twitter is being underutilized: connecting with famous people like authors, scientists, etc who we are studying in class.

Example: Oprah – [realization, I think this presenter, Leslie Frasier, presented on digital cameras at ISTE last summer]. See who is following someone or something you like, and then

Oprah invited someone to talk about Twitter – she is sitting there with her computer (and was not comfortable with it), and she posts her first tweet, and the guy from Twitter was trying to hit the “return” key but it was all in caps, apparently it was really cute, [I wonder if that is on YouTube]

Back to points in the talk:

  • #Edchat on Tuesdays
  • Retweeting
  • Lists: public/private
  • Tweetdeck
  • Rockmelt
  • goo.gl = like snipurl or tinyurl but from Google, of course
  • twitpic.com, adding photos to your Tweets
  • Tweet Ups – example
  • The first report of the plane landing in the Hudson was a post on Twitter
  • A mountain biker who couldn’t make a phone call was able to send a SMS msg, and posted a help message
  • Twitter for Education. Every school should have one (School, Principal, Events, Homework information)
  • Not everyone is on Twitter: post an embedded Twitter gadget to keep websites up to date. No HTML or passwords necessary, just a Twitter.
  • Profile Widgets (type in your username, change desired preferences, dimensions, color, get the code, embed it), Search Widgets (stream a search), Faves Widget, List Widget,

Observation: people aren’t leaving this one early, overall.

  • Twitter in the classroom: photos of the classroom, homework assignments, random facts of the day, communicate with experts, polls and data gathering, round robin story telling,
  • Twitter fan wiki: twitter.pbworks.com/Apps

A good session.  Have a great afternoon, that was the end of my day at TIES 🙂


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