B is for Brightness!

I am so excited. Last week I finished the three presentations in three days, the last one with the Minnesota Historical Society on using technology in the Social Studies classroom. The workshop was a success for many reasons but my day-making takeaway came five minutes before we started. I was looking unhappily at the brightness of the projection from my computer (I was using a Macbook Pro – like it, but I’m still learning the hardware side of it…) and one of the participants from Wayzata walked me through the calibration of the computer which adjusts the brightness.

I am psyched to know this as several of my colleagues had contacted Apple about the “darkness” problem and did not receive helpful information and the company our school contracts with to address certain technology planning and infrastructure issues didn’t know this information either (they did try to help, and know just about everything with PCs, but they didn’t know this either).  If you are using a Mac and happen to be dealing with a projected screen so dark you can’t easily make out images, hook up to a projector and give this a try:

  • Under “System Preferences” select “Displays”
  • Select “Color” and then “Calibrate.”
  • Click through the basic buttons until you get the Apple with the lines as background
  • Drag the arrow to the right, somewhere between the second and third hash seems to be the answer.
  • There is an advanced option when you first go into Calibrate if success is not achieved in the first attempts.

Good luck! It is working for our school as it makes its way from room to room! 🙂

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