Low tech, and I love it

During my first year teaching at White Bear Lake, one of my colleagues gave me a copy of a 1929 stock market simulation. I taught 10th grade US History and was excited to use it. My students loved the simulation so much so that I use it every year I teach US History (at the high school) level. I don’t know what inspired me to search for it exactly, but I found it on a Fresno School District site and I thought I should share it.  If you teach US History, I hope you find it useful!

One thought on “Low tech, and I love it”

  1. Wendy!

    I’m a teacher in Indianapolis and just used this stock market simulation. Thank you!

    We are 1:1 so I converted it to a Google Forms/Sheets game. Students participated throughout the week as they were immersed in the Roaring 20s.

    I so appreciate you posting this!


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