Political Cartoon, Anyone?

ToonDoo is great, I love it for storytelling in many aspects of content, but this time it wasn’t quite right. My government students used the Library of Congress’ interactive exercise, “It’s No Laughing Matter” to learn about political cartoons and then, of course, the Cagle Cartoon Index to see and analyze on their own current cartoons. After that, I really wanted them to take a stab at creating their own political cartoons, black and white, pencil-sketched political cartoons. I was happy to find FunnyTimes Playground.

This website allowed by students to take a current issue and create via drag-and-drop their

own political cartoons. Sketches relating to current people and issues are available and, although my example does not show it, text and and callout bubbles can be added. No registration is required which is helpful and means any age can use this resource. The site does offer the opportunity to email the finished product to the cartoonist, but we had mixed success with that so I highly recommend taking a screenshot of the finished cartoon before closing the window.  Happy ‘tooning!

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