Hats Off to the Cook

I admit, as I spend more and more time with my computer, the more I find I enjoy cooking. With that evolution, I was happy to see the new Google Recipe search. Using the Google search box, type in chicken tacos and after the results are in, the left sidebar will show “Recipes.” If “Recipes” is clicked, the user will be able to identify (or eliminate) ingredients, search by cook time (15, 30 and 60 minutes), and/or by calorie totals.

Foods and FACS teachers will find Google recipe search useful if looking for new recipes to add to the curriculum. It also provides students a great tool if they are asked to compare and contrast calorie counts and/or ingredients in similar recipes or if they are researching recipe options on their own. It is also helpful for anyone who is thinking, “I wonder what I could make for dinner tonight.”

Oh, and the easy chicken tacos I searched for, found and then made the other night were quite tasty if you’re looking for something new. 🙂

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