Fun with Photos

A while ago there was a fun website that allowed you to “Polarize” photos. Every once in a while I wonder what options are out there for things like this and today was one of those days. Here are some fun options for a Sunday afternoon.

Pixisnap allows the user to upload an image and it creates a “Polaroid collage” of the images with a customized background (it also has the option of creating a photo mosaic with the image).

Polaroin allows the user to upload an image and turn it into an individual “Polaroid” photo and then write up to 20 characters of text in the white space below the image. Polaroin also downgrades the quality of the image so it is more reminiscent of the actual Polaroid photos (see Alcatraz below, left).

The Instantizer also allows one to quickly upload a photo, rotate it if needed, add a small caption, and create a “polarized” image. The site gives the user a URL to the image that will hold the photo for 1 day. Unlike Polaroin, Instantizer keeps the quality of the original image uploaded.

Recognizing that Polaroid hit its height before today’s students were born, adults will probably have more fun with these links than our students will, but hey, it is spring break (or break is coming) and we can play too, right?

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