Interesting Finds

One of my summer projects was, like last summer, adding resources to the Minnesota Learning Loop. Hundreds of World History and US Government links later, here are some of the fun finds I added to the Loop this year.

Turning the Pages: From the British Library, digitally explore amazing texts from history including Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, Mercator’s first atlas of Europe from 1570, Mozart’s musical diary (with 75 audio excerpts) and more.

This activity book about Marie Curie helps elementary students learn about Madame Curie’s time and accomplishments.

1066: Possibly my favorite! This single or multi-player game takes the player(s) back to 1066, and the battles with the Vikings, the English, and the Normans.

The Secret Annex Online: A digital exploration of the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family/their friends, and those who worked to keep them hidden and a 3D virtual tour of the Secret Annex.

Moving with Trade and Chocolate: A Fair Trade and Human Rights Unit are simulations and lessons, both of which focus on fair trade (and fit into the 9th MN World History standard).

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