iCivics: Win the White House

My 3rd hour and I are in the computer lab right now. To hear conversations like, “I came back and took the lead…”  “I just took California!”  “Can you fundraise in a purple state?” “Is it better to oppose…do whatever you can, if you’re supporting that issue…” “I am at 208 [electoral votes] and I need 270…” I love it!!  Normally my goal is to never post a second time about a site, but if the site adds new things that are wonderful, they are worth a post and “Win the White House” from Sandra Day O’Connor’s iCivics site is impressing me. It takes the students through each phase of a campaign for the White House. For the past three days we have discussed the presidential election process and Super Tuesday. This semester I also found YouTube videos showing the opening minutes of the Democratic National Convention, a news broadcast wrapping up the 2008 Republican Convention, and a 3 minute clip showing Georgia casting its votes at the DNC. Students really responded well to the video clips, something I had not tried in the past.  (A copy of the presentation we used in class with the links to the above mentioned video clips and more is available here.)

My student Michael said I could post the photo of him playing our game in class, I thank him for that.

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