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I remembered my password! It feels like it has been forever since I have written a blog post, probably because it has been. We had a baby earlier this summer and leading up to that, things got pretty crazy, and only crazier after he arrived!  So why blog now? I found something I want to share so I’m going to work on getting back onto the blogging wagon. I still contemplate Twitter, but haven’t done much with my account yet…

TCI (Teachers’ Curriculum Institute) is a company whose ideas about student engagement I appreciate. I attended one of their workshops about 12 years ago and learned about a teaching strategy called the interactive student notebook (ISN). I was excited this morning when I found a digital copy of their ISN overview (even able to be downloaded as a pdf!) as part of their blog (which I didn’t realize existed either until this morning). It has great ideas for student activities which can be implemented in many content areas. Thanks TCI for sharing this great idea resource.

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