Donors Choose – and a good cause

When teaching graduate students at St Mary’s University of MN, Ben Knaus (my teaching colleague) and I work with learners who are working on a teaching license for a second career. We often find ourselves in conversations focused on funding and how to bring technology into our classrooms. One of the tools we mention is Donors Choose – a program which allows donors to read about projects teachers would like to do in their classrooms.

Ben teaches an AVID program for students in his innercity school and he recently launched a Donors Choose initiative to purchase Google ChromeBooks for his 30 students. You can read about his project on his initiative’s site. He did give his donors a heads up that the default process for Donors Choose is to have a percentage of the donation go to the site, not the project (important note: if you choose to make a donation and would like to have a lower amount/no amount, click where it says “optional donation” and change the amount so more can go to the project if you wish).  

If you need funding for a project, Donors Choose might be a good option to check out. And if in the next 39 days  you might be able to help Ben and his students, please click here to check out his project. Thank you for your consideration! 🙂

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