There is a chance

After some reflection, I realized that I have been reading blogs since “attending” a K12 Online Conference session in 2006 on RSS and how to use it. I have learned about so many things and feel like I know some of the people whose blogs I have been reading for so long. I have now also been thinking more about Twitter as a professional development tool. I know some bloggers have migrated from blogs to Twitter, some take a hybrid approach and do both, and some on Twitter never blogged, they just Tweet and the information is great (some of my colleagues and friends love it) but for whatever reason I have had a tough time getting into Twitter.

Today I read a blog post by Wesley Fryer (Moving at the Speed of Creativity) which introduced me to TweetChat – a tool that looks very user-friendly and allows one to easily follow and participate inΒ scheduled educational chats. Simply enter your Twitter account information (yes, I have an account, though it is pretty quiet), select the desired hashtag to follow, and I think I have a chance at successfully following some of the chats now. Thank you, Wesley Fryer I love your blog and – I am looking forward to a new adventure. πŸ™‚

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