Going Paperless

So last year our school went 1:1. All of our students were issued a MacBook Air, and I saw my teaching change drastically. One very visible way was in handouts and notes. I used to have my students use a 1″ 3-ring binder…and we filled it, every class, every semester. Last year, I saw the need for the 1: binder disappear as they had a paper folder and, by the end of the semester, about 1/4″ of paper was in it. This year, while getting things going, our new school president shared that some schools pay for their 1:1 initiatives by going paperless, and while we aren’t in that place as an institution, it inspired me to revisit my 1/4″ stack of handouts from last year. I was casually talking about this with some of my students and they said, “Paperless? I think we’re ready for that.”  I think they are right.

I decided to go paperless.

My biggest mental block about it was followsheets for videos, but I got over it and we’re giving it a shot. My goal is to share some of this journey here. We’ll see how both of those goals, paperless and regular blogging, go. Cheers!

One thought on “Going Paperless”

  1. Rock on!!! I can’t wait to read more about this.

    What about something like Today’s Meet for shooting out questions during a video?

    I’m still trying to find ways to replace paper in my classroom and somethings are easier than others.

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