MOOC – Unit 2 Challenge: Create & Give a Badge… check!


So the next part of the MOOC challenges as part of Unit 2, “Make Learning Meaningful for Students” was to create and distribute a digital badge. I actually liked creating the last badge so I was up for the challenge. And it was more of a challenge than I thought it would be.

I created a badge with Canva, and then tried to set up an account with Insignias*INTEF, which I was able to do, but I couldn’t figure out how to upload and distribute my badge (later realized I should have checked the “Support Materials” section of our MOOC…). After several attempts, I decided to investigate a new badge issuing platform. I found badgr and set up an account. I figured out that I could be a recipient of badges through badgr and organize my “collection,” but I still couldn’t easily figure out how to create and issue the badge with badgr.

I thought maybe my inability to create the badge was because of the image I was trying to work with so I decided to make a new badge using the Classic Badge Designer (I didn’t mind making a new one, it looks better than the previous badge anyway). Classic Badge Designer took a few minutes to figure out; in short, there are 6 elements one can put into a badge and they are added in layers – the trick? The bottom layer is at the bottom of the list (I started at the top and it took a while to figure out the layering). With the newly completed badge (the one you see on this post), I again attempted to upload it to badgr…with no luck.

Did I mention I really do love Google? I did a search and found this help site, and followed the easier-to-follow-than-find directions and successfully posted the badge image, added the required data, and “awarded” the badge to a colleague. Important to note, the notification went into her spam folder, so I would want to inform recipients of that possibility.


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