Digital Learning Theory – MOOC Unit 3

One summer almost 25 years ago, my employer brought the entire middle school faculty together for a workshop led by a woman from Florida. Our focus was exclusively Bloom’s Taxonomy. We created Bloom’s cards, Bloom’s Sheets, and for years, I LOVED my Bloom’s verb sheet (sort of like this one) to help with lesson planning. I even shared Bloom’s verb sheets with future student teachers and grad students.

Flash forward to about 12 years ago, I wanted to design something that merged the Blooms Taxonomy levels with digital tools. I got busy, and Andrew Churches created a masterpiece. I love Andrew’s work (and am sad that Wikispaces is closing, I hope Andrew has a migration plan for his work!!)

With this background, and since I’ve spent a lot of time with SAMR and TPAK while teaching grad school and design theory was a big topic at a recent conference I attended, I decided to go back to Bloom’s and see what I could design for Unit 3’s first weekly challenge, creating a mindmap capturing six concepts relating to the (digital) learning theory.

Using Canva, I created the background design, then I exported it to Google Drawings, where I added the branch text, graphics, and hyperlinks. Any of the underlined text in the drawing is hyperlinked as are most of the images. I’m having issues bringing the drawing with hyperlinks into this post, so please click here for the interactive mindmap.

Overall, it was an interesting exercise, I really liked finding and exploring some of the original publications about Blooms (1956) and the first revision (2001). “Official” content on the conversion to “Digital Blooms” was a little more challenging to find.


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