MOOC – Unit 3 Reflections

This unit’s challenges, exploring a digital teaching theory and learning more about student digital footprints aren’t really changing how I approach my teaching, rather, they affirm it. I will continue to use Bloom’s verbs when designing learning activities for students of all levels, and will strive to push them to the higher order thinking skills. I will also always reflect on how I am using technology (SAMR). I love the things that the internet, webtools, and a device can allow our students to do beyond basic research and paper writing, so it has become second nature for me to push the envelope and design what I hope will be engaging, meaningful and rewarding learning activities for my students of all levels.

Regarding the digital footprints, I will continue to remind the younger students that I work with that posting is permanent (I always liked this video, some might think it is a bit hokey and I know it was published in 2008, but it sends a powerful message). At my current school, we are working on digital citizenship curriculum and these reminders will help remind me of the importance of our work. Finally, for the graduate program I work with, we will continue to keep this subject in the curriculum, work to update the information, and keep the conversation going with the educators who participate in our program as learners.

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