“Survival Kit” MOOC Unit 4 Challenge

The next challenge in the MOOC is to create a “teacher survival kit” in case something were to come up and the students need to continue learning but the regular plan is not possible for whatever reason. I used Padlet to design this survival kit for US Government. I focused on collecting resources that would be applicable to most if not all of the course and are delivered in varied formats (text, games, podcasts, videos). For each of the resources, I designed a different learning activity that could be accomplished during the class period; I also varied the formats of those activities. The thought being, this survival kit is then flexible and practical. The link to it could easily be posted on our classroom LMS or a short link to it could be on the emergency lesson plan and then written on the board for the students to easily access.Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 10.09.13 AM.png

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