Digital Citizenship & Parent Communication – MOOC Unit 4 Challenge

The next activity for the EduGoalsMOOC was to design a digital safety, citizenship and learning resource for parents. I chose to use MS Sway for this task. As Sway didn’t have an obvious way for translating content, I put all text into a “transcript” in a Google doc which could be used for easy translation and linked to several translation resources.

The goal of the intro is to remind parents how we look out for our children in so many physical ways that it is important not to neglect digital safety too. I did not want to focus on the “cyber boogeyman” out there as coming from a place of fear is rarely well received, so I moved into a message from the American Academy of Pediatrics on the physical risks that could be involved with overuse of digital media, called attention to three big tips for parents of HS students, and then provided 7 resources (print, audio, video) for parents and closed with a call to action. I hope it is helpful.

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