Final Projects – MOOC Unit 5

I reached out to a friend with experience teaching digital citizenship to all ages and asked if she would like to partner on this project. Google Meet was a perfect platform for a planning session. We decided to design a learning activity with Google Slides as the platform since the permissions can be opened to allow anyone to edit the slides with or without a Google account. I have done many distance projects and taught many online courses, so I don’t know that this project entailed anything really new, though after looking at the examples provided, coming up with an idea was a little intimidating.


The premise of the collaboration project we designed *is to have high school students (likely experienced social media users) design learning scenarios for younger students, (emerging social media users), have the younger students complete the learning activity, send it back to their “Digital Buddy,” and then have the high school students comment and “coach” the younger students in making wise choices in posting to social media platforms. Both age groups would be studying what makes a positive digital citizen and what quality digital footprints would look like.

*  Important to note, the content in the note section and the margins of each slide when in edit mode are critically important to the overall project; if it is only viewed in template mode, context and direction will be lost.


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