The Friday Five, Episode 1: 5 Spiffy Sites

Who doesn’t like to take a break and do something fun (or at least different) on Fridays? Beginning today, I am going to post a weekly feature entitled, “The Friday Five.” Sometimes this will be 5 websites that are useful (or hopefully interesting) to classroom teachers, sometimes it will be a link and an introduction to an article that would take less than 5 minutes to read (and then this blog would facilitate a discussion on the article if people were interested in that form of discussion), and sometimes it will be a 5 minute introduction of a tool, program or topic which would be helpful for classroom teachers and potentially administrators to use or know about.

I hope you enjoy the Friday Five!

Update: The Splashcast player automatically plays the most recent show. To see past shows, click the “Play” arrow, then in the upper left corner in the channel guide, click and select the episode you wish to see.

[splashcast BFTU1502MA]

Site #1: Class Timer

Site #2: PBS Teacher Resources
Site #3: Media Quiz
Site #4: Bingo Generator 1 or Bingo Generator 2
Site #5: Simquarium