How cool is this?  Use ImageQuiz to upload from your own collection or import from the web the image of your choice. Create a clickable quiz which could test anyone on the image’s contents. ImageQuiz takes about a minute to learn and if a class is working with images (cells in science, maps in Imagesocial studies, elements of a painting or photo in art), the opportunities are many. It would even be possible to upload a screenshot of a piece of writing and identify parts of speech or elements of writing. The program is in beta, hopefully it sticks around.  Fun stuff!

Nine Beautiful Words…and QuizStar

On Thursday, my colleague Jim walked by my office and said nine beautiful words: “Hey, Wendy, did you see, QuizStar is free again?” It seems like forever ago when I came across QuizStar, a wonderful online quiz tool from (they also have great tools like NoteStar and Poster Wizard) and I was so sad when they went to a paid subscription. While their fee was reasonable (I believe it was around $49/year), it was more than I was willing to pay for a service I don’t use very often – it was just nice for occasional use. Now it is back and free again (they added advertising, but I am ok with that).

If you are looking for a great tool to create T/F, Multiple Choice and short answer online quizzes which are then (well, with the exception of the short answer q’s) graded for you immediately, QuizStar gives you some great options.  You can also create timed quizzes, add images (.jpg or .gif) and video (.mpg) into your questions or answers, duplicate quizzes, and once quizzes are taken, get an analysis of the data: the overall quiz and responses for each question.

If you had an account with QuizStar before it went to subscription but never purchased a subscription (like your’s truly), your account is waiting for you!  I was amazed to see mine open and still have my quizzes from 2005! 🙂

Happy day!!