Thank you Big Deal Media…

Every fall for many years, I have looked forward to the release of Big Deal Media’s Big Deal Book for K-12 Technology. The collection of resources, PD opportunities, grant ideas and more is a fun way to dig into the school year. I also love that it is in print and ebook form and is easy to share with colleagues. Big Deal Media’s K-12 Technology Newsletter is another great way to keep the ideas flowing throughout the year.

Today I also want to thank Big Deal Media for the opportunity to write a post for their blog, Teaching4Tomorrow. It is fun to be able to share ideas with an expanded community of educators. For the past year or so, digital tools to support the 4C’s have been a focus of presentations and professional development I have been offering and when I started writing the post, it was pre-COVID. Now, with that added lens, I hope the ideas shared help even more educators who are navigating digital teaching in new ways.

Teach on!

So I didn’t blog TechForum

I don’t really know why I didn’t blog from TechForum as I had intended. Perhaps it was because the day became more about meeting people and having conversations, perhaps it was because the new tools I heard about weren’t so new. Whatever the reason, I took a blogging vacation again. We’ll see how it goes to get into blogging again… the school year at TG is wrapping up, I’m smack in the middle of teaching the classroom technology course for Saint Mary’s University, I’m on garden duty for a friend who is doing an AP reading, and I need to finish a 40th birthday present. Another crazy spring but I have some ideas.

Class blogging

I admit, I am stumped. What is now the best (and still free) tool to use with students for blogging? In the past I used Edublogs and it was great. Students were able to design their own blogs, the administrator could approve all posts and or comments if s/he wanted to, it was free, and if students wanted to export their writing to a WordPress blog, they could do that at the end of a class and not lose any of their work.

Now, one of my colleagues would like to start blogging with students next week and it looks like Edublogs has turned my favorite aspects of its program into a paid service. 😦  I did find 21 Classes and it looks great…for a teacher with ten students. Blogger would be a possibility, but the administrative control is not great.  I’m leaning toward exploring Class Blogmeister in the morning, we’ll see how that goes.

Any suggestions? My buddy Ben would throw this out to his Twitter network. I’m not so good at Twitter, but it might be my next stop…