We lost the first 3 weeks…

Thank you Comcast. Our school researched, planned, prepped, designed new lessons and learning activities, we were ready. Our 1:1 launch with all of our students having MacBook Air computers was going to be so exciting. Instead, it was mostly exciting but I went home sad, frustrated and angry for more than two weeks. We asked for a new modem first week we started to have problems (the modem would restart approx. every 4 minutes). We were told it was Comcast’s problem, but the modem wasn’t it. Two weeks into the disaster that was no reliable internet for a school of 800 students we asked again for a new modem. Again we were told that wasn’t the problem but we still didn’t have reliable internet.

Things were getting desperate. People were threatening to put severed horse heads outside of our Tech Office because their lessons were not working, students couldn’t go online, and the level of frustration was something I had never felt in our school before. Then, in the midst of researching options other than Comcast and in a moment of grander frustration, one of my officemates took a video of the modem resetting and sent it to Comcast. Someone saw it and admitted there is a known problem with the modem. We got a new modem and we’re rocking now.

We will never get that first day back. I am still sad about that, but all systems are go now and some amazing things are happening. My intention is to blog more about our year, tips and tricks for our faculty, things we’re trying, some content I am using in my class, and general things related to our 1:1 initiative. Here we go!