Trial Scripts and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

Love it! My Constitutional and Criminal Law students are learning about the differences between state and federal cases and I was looking for a scripted federal trial they could do (they prepare one later in the semester, I just wanted a quick one-day activity. After finding a bunch of random mock trial cases (like this one), I finally found what I was looking for! A scripted trial set in federal district court. We used the materials provided by the United States District Court and had  great class. Today we compared what we heard yesterday in our scripted trial to what we heard in an audio recording of a case heard in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Who knew the Eighth Circuit had a channel in iTunes? Nice!

Digging in to the Constitution

Who better than the Bill of Rights Institute to design an interactive activity focusing on the creation of the Constitution and the Constitutional Convention?! “Madison’s Notes are Missing” is a great interactive activity where you “interview” the Founders and hear their contributions and ideas from the Constitutional Convention. There is also an online crossword puzzle , a quotations activity connecting Founders to their statements, biographies and primary source documents on many Founders, and a 7 minute video on the Founders and the Constitution.