Copyright Curriculum


Teaching copyright. Do those two words make you shudder too?

So important yet so not flashy.  While searching for something else entirely, I came across this Teaching Copyright site, a part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It has a solid collection of resources as well as a 5-lesson long set of curriculum which even includes a mock trial focusing on the issue of copyright violation, another option in the copyright bag-o-tricks!  

Oh, the image? Public domain from the Library of Commons! 🙂

C is for Creative Commons (and Public Domain)

Our tech students are leraning some basics about website design and, though they don’t know it yet, are about to create some websites so my colleague asked me to put together a page with images that are education-friendly. It was good to work on an updated resource page for them. If you have sites that are great for music or images and it isn’t listed, I would love to hear from you!