Spotlight on Youth

Tonight on the CBS Evening News, the closing segment showcased a special 13 year old who, 


at the age of 9, started a business to help her family make it through some difficult times. There is an “On the Road” website but it doesn’t appear that the story about the Colorado girl is posted yet (though there are additional 

stories of more special young people). This story is really heartwarming and I encourage checking out iTunes 

and downloading the free video podcast of today’s episode of the CBS Evening News if it doesn’t appear on the website soon (within a couple of days). Typically CBS posts the Evening News podcasts in iTunes before 9am the following morning and they appear for about a week. It is well worth the time and effort.

Critical Thinking and Current Issues

Teachable Moment, a project from the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, is focused on helping educators improve students’ critical thinking skills through the use of current issues and topics. With lesson plans and activities for every grade level, elementary, middle and highschool, as well as other ideas, it is a great idea generator for discussing topics of the day with students.