The Friday Five Returns – Its About Time…

Our classrooms don’t have clocks. Well, not unless the teacher in that room brings one. While I try to don a watch each day and the clock in my menu bar usually saves me if I forget, from time to time I need more.  The following resources are helpful and fun to project too. The Online Clock/Online Alarm Clock offers digital and analog clocks, alarm clocks, some alarm clocks, and a goofy but fun world clock. The Online Stopwatch continues to be a reliable go-to if we need to time group or station activities.

Time is also in our curriculum, not just in a supportive role. Looking for a good interactive whiteboard activity to help younger students learn to tell time? ABC ya! has a series of interactive games focused on telling time on both digital and analog clocks. World clock resources may be helpful in a geography class at any level. The Poodwaddle World Clock has not only a track of current international times, but gives data on food, energy, births, deaths and more.

Happy Friday, the clock says it is almost the weekend!

The Friday Five at the NYPL

Taking five minutes to explore this great resource will only scratch the surface. This fall, the New York Public Library published its “Treasures of the New York Public Library” website.Organized by theme and content, this site is a rich repository of resources excellent especially for literature, science, history and art classrooms. There are 3-5 minute videos on topics including the Harlem Renaissance, art deco, and  mapping the world, as well as images and text resources supporting the studies of art, history, world history, New York, science and inventions, and others.  A wonderful repository to explore.

Happy Friday!

“…some wiki-page thing…”

How great is that?! It is exactly what I heard as I walked through the commons after school today. A student, either 9th or 10th grade, was talking with a bunch of his friends and that was the sliver of conversation I overheard. How exciting! We have not been in session five full days yet and we have many of our staff members trying new things: Krista’s students used ANIMOTO to create advertisements for Colombia (thank you Animoto for the educational access to full-length video creation!) – Paul is getting ready for his religiion students to dig in on thier wiki – Suzanne created an amazing wiki for the choir students – Mary and Ann are piloting blogging with their students – engaging with technology is happening everywhere!

Beyond taking five today to talk to our colleagues about what they are doing, I’m going to show my bias to political science and encourage a quick trip to C-SPAN as their convention coverage is impressive (if you missed a speech this week, you’ll find it here) or, as the RNC converges on the great city of St Paul this weekend, it is interesting to see how each party handles their websites (e.g. I saw a great “Convention 101” page on the DNC’s site which I’ll use tomorrow with my students and the time lapse prep link is pretty cool on the RNC’s site). I’m hoping to go down to the “X” tonight and take some pre-convention pix – we’ll see how that goes.

How ever you take five this Friday, I hope it leads into a great long weekend –

Happy learning!