GeoDart Update

A follow-up to Tuesday’s GeoDart post, Brian said it took a little while, and there are some things he will change in future map-game-making endeavors, but ultimately he was able to create exactly what he wanted to for his students and was pleased with his final product which he graciously allowed me to share with you. To see it, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page. Thank you, Brian! 🙂

Make Your Own Map Game?

My colleague Brian was looking to find some make-your-own map game/activity/quiz today. We know that QuizStar allows users to upload images so we were thinking that would be an option, but we found UMapper’s GeoDart Game. Introduced in 2009, Users select a map from Bing, Google, OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, or Yahoo and then create an interactive map game which will become an embeddable flash game. By the end of the day, Brain was well on his way to making a map game of Southeast Asia. I was a little surprised that there weren’t more quality “map game generators” out there, or at least easily identified, but GeoDart is looking like it has great promise.

Geography, Games and Fighting Poverty

Test your geographic knowledge and play a game. Depending on how accurate your answers are, donate between 2 and 10 cups of clean drinking water to those in poverty around the world. Great for interactive white boards as a starting or closing activity, a little extra time in the computer lab, or just for fun, FreePoverty is a neat little site!

Out of country…

Request: Please indulge a week-long parallel purpose for this blog. This week I am in Kazakhstan with Tim as he presents on the design and risk management of pension plans as part of an international actuarial seminar hosted by the Actuarial Society of Kazakhstan.

It is my intent to share cultural observations, some pictures, and, in keeping with the original focus of this blog, include curricular connections to our trip. I hope you enjoy the information.

If you teach courses that address banking, investing, and/or finance, the Actuarial Foundation offers free content in the form of e-books which are able to be downloaded from their Organization’s education site. (They have additional curriculum also.) This summer they also offered a free copy of the materials in print to the first 1000 teachers who emailed them. (In August I did send the email on behalf of our business teacher and still received the curriculum so if you are interested, it is worth sending the inquiry).