The Wayback Machine is Amazing

I love the Wayback Machine! Enter a URL in of any website and have a great chance of seeing a snapshot or

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 11.41.12 AMseries of snapshots of that website from the past. Why did this come up today? I was thinking about the grand jury lesson plan in my last post and was pretty sure it had been part of the CRFC’s American Jury “Bulwark of of Democracy” page but the page looks different than I remembered it (great redesign and still great civic content) and I didn’t see anything about grand juries. On a whim I checked the website with the Wayback Machine and found the Grand Jury material that I used as a base for my activity today. Impressively the Word files are archived too. Love it!

Teaching HTML, CSS, and more

Upon returning from our upcoming spring break, our technology class (9-12 grade students) is going to be learning HTML and CSS with one of my colleagues. This afternoon we discussed the website he is going to use with our students to guide them through our unit.  W3school Online Web Tutorials has a well organized set of tutorials for HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and more. I am impressed with the organization of each skill, step-by-step directions, examples, and excellent “try it yourself” editors for each skill.

A site like this allows for self-pacing when learning and practicing new skills. Anyone who is interested in an introduction to these web development tools would find W3Schools a useful reference and guide.