On Sketchcast

Really, I’m pretty excited about this one. I know it has been around for a while. I learned about it from an older blog post by Daniel Rezac while trying to investigate some ideas for one of the math education students in our Classroom Technology course. Sketchcast allows users to create a screencast of sorts. The user can draw with the mouse, type on screen, import images and annotate them, erase, and include voice overs (if desired).

This is a great tool for teachers and students to make quick video introductions or reviews, demonstrate and talk through math problems and timelines, or explore any process.

The Friday Five Returns – Its About Time…

Our classrooms don’t have clocks. Well, not unless the teacher in that room brings one. While I try to don a watch each day and the clock in my menu bar usually saves me if I forget, from time to time I need more.  The following resources are helpful and fun to project too. The Online Clock/Online Alarm Clock offers digital and analog clocks, alarm clocks, some alarm clocks, and a goofy but fun world clock. The Online Stopwatch continues to be a reliable go-to if we need to time group or station activities.

Time is also in our curriculum, not just in a supportive role. Looking for a good interactive whiteboard activity to help younger students learn to tell time? ABC ya! has a series of interactive games focused on telling time on both digital and analog clocks. World clock resources may be helpful in a geography class at any level. The Poodwaddle World Clock has not only a track of current international times, but gives data on food, energy, births, deaths and more.

Happy Friday, the clock says it is almost the weekend!