The Stock Market Crashes (in 1929)

In my first year of teaching, when I got to the point of the Crash of ’29, 


one of my colleagues shared this stock market simulation with me. A couple of days ago, one of my colleagues 

was looking for my set of the simulation’s cards and I worried that the directions were lost. A quick Google search for “Stock Market Durant Motors Kroger Foods” brought up the directions, handouts and all.  Why share a no-tech simulation on a tech blog? Because the simulation is timeless and technology helped me find the details again. (I also downloaded the pdf for safe keeping!) 

I hope history/econ students you know can enjoy the simulation too.

(The photo shows the floor of the Stock Exchange just after the Crash of 1929, thank you to the Hoover Presidential Library for posting the image!)

Low tech, and I love it

During my first year teaching at White Bear Lake, one of my colleagues gave me a copy of a 1929 stock market simulation. I taught 10th grade US History and was excited to use it. My students loved the simulation so much so that I use it every year I teach US History (at the high school) level. I don’t know what inspired me to search for it exactly, but I found it on a Fresno School District site and I thought I should share it.  If you teach US History, I hope you find it useful!