The Friday Five – Episode 3: Copyright is changing, sort of

Taking five minutes today is a little different – there is no video from me, rather a couple of things for you to read about and explore. If you want to try something new, you are encouraged to write a response or thought to this episode (really, you are encouraged to do that for any episode) by clicking on the “Comment” link below each entry.

This week’s “Five” focuses on (1) reviewing copyright in the classroom, (2) an introduction to Creative Commons, a new approach to copyright which is much more user friendly, (3) two easy ways to find materials under the “creative commons” license and (4) an optional (and entertaining) video on copyright – Disney would be so proud. Next week, we’ll look at free resources in the public domain.

Happy Friday!


1. A quick interactive quiz focusing on copyright in the classroom and school setting.

2. A 3-minute video introducing Creative Commons, a much more flexible and user-friendly approach to copyright (outstanding for educators and students!)

3a. If you are looking for work that is covered by Creative Commons licenses, to use in your classroom or for students, for content, Yahoo has made it easy with a new search engine. If you go to and click on “More” then, “All Search Services,” you will find a Creative Commons search (or just click on our link here for the “Creative Commons Search“). (Special thanks to Priscilla for the heads up on this new Yahoo feature!)

3b. If you (or your students) are interested in finding images in Creative Commons, go to flickr’s advanced search page and you will find a “Creative Commons” search option for the millions of photos uploaded to flickr. A great way to easily and safely use material!

4. This last piece is more than 5 minutes, but it is fun so I thought I would include it anyway. It is a video made by a law professor and his law students focusing on what copyright is, what public domain is, and what fair use is. It is comprised of snips of Disney videos, a fun and light-hearted look at a major issue today. (For the original web post of the article, visit this site.)

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