I should have learned… (Session 2)

I was talking to the Mimio rep and I was set to be about 15 minutes early for the Google Earth session but it was full and closed. So, I sit in the BYOL laptop session on NASA’s new web resources. All of the information is in the public domain (which completely rocks). Click on “For Educators” for great lesson ideas, videos, etc.  In the student section, you will find more opportunities for students to do with NASA, there is also a “Play and Learn” section as well as a voting/opinion poll section, material divided by grade level, it is going to be good. Media also has podcasts, audio and video as well as other great multimedia resources (and fun stuff for anyone who is intrigued with space).

The bigger challenge in here is intermittent internet access. While the signal from the ISTE network is strong, it isn’t allowing everyone to get online every time. The presenters just lost their internet signal (and the guy next to me and I just got ours). Difficult challenge for a “bring your own laptop” section.

NASA is doing a great job putting content out there in an education-friendly way. Unfortunately I think I’m going to miss tomorrow’s deadline for new astronaut applications…

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